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Blepharitis & Meibomianitis

Blepharitis & Meibomianitis

Blepharitis and meibomianitis are common eyelid conditions that can cause redness, dry eye, eye and/or eyelid infections and may also be associated with skin conditions such as rosacea. There are two forms of blepharitis: 1) anterior, which affects the outer lid and typically involves excessive crusting build up around the eyelashes 2) posterior, which is commonly referred to as meibomianitis. This is where the meibomian glands that reside anterior to the eyelashes become plugged and inflamed. It is not uncommon for a person to have both anterior and posterior blepharitis. Symptoms of these conditions include burning, flaking, crusting, irritation, and redness. Treatment options your doctor may choose to treat these conditions include: topical antibiotic, topical anti-inflammatory, oral antibiotic, omega 3 supplements, eyelid wash, and warm compresses.

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