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What Are Eye Flashes and Floaters?

Floaters and flashes are common visual phenomena experienced by many people. While these occurrences are usually benign, they can sometimes signal an issue with the eye. That is especially true if they suddenly appear or increase in frequency.

What Is Blepharitis?

Your eyes make it easy to navigate your environment. Otherwise, the experience would be complex. Thus, you need to take care of them. Blepharitis may seem like a simple condition, but it can lead to other complications. So, when it rears its ugly head, you must know how to deal with it. It starts by knowing what blepharitis is and how it affects your eyes.

Risk Factors for Glaucoma

According to the American Glaucoma Society, glaucoma is the second major cause of blindness. The high pressure in the eye damages the optic nerve. If this does not receive proper treatment, you may lose your peripheral vision. The absence of appropriate treatment may also lead to complete vision loss. Understanding the risk factors for glaucoma can help you prevent or slow it down. Here are the details that you should consider.

Eye Injury Prevention Month: Top Tips to Keep Eyes Safe

Despite being essential, the eyes are among the body's most vulnerable parts of the body. They are exposed to the elements and various possible injuries. Because they are so important and vulnerable, it is crucial to take steps to protect them. People must be proactive in taking care of their vision to enjoy it for a long time. 

How Do Eyes Change as We Age?

Our eyes do change as we grow. When we are young, they grow in size during the first two years of life. There is another growth spurt when we reach puberty. They are usually fully developed when we get to our 20s. Their first size is usually 16.5 millimeters, growing to about 24 millimeters wide in diameter. 

Eye Exams vs. Vision Screenings for Kids

In certain circumstances, vision screenings can be helpful. Still, they are not a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam a trained and licensed eye doctor performs. It would help if you understood the differences between the two to determine the best way to monitor your little one’s eye health and vision.

What to Know About UV Protection for the Eyes

We all like spending time in the sun during summer or other seasons. The sun provides comfort and the opportunity for many fun outdoor activities. However, it is also the main producer of UV light. Despite having several advantages in small doses, UV light can pose a significant danger to our eyes when overexposed.

What to Expect During Your Contact Lens Exam

If you decide to get contact lenses, you need to get a contact lens exam. The exam is different from a regular eyeglass exam. Contact lenses can help correct sight-related issues. They conform to the shape of the eyes, making them unique for everyone. 

Do I Need Surgery If I Have Cataracts?

Did you know that there are no medications that doctors can prescribe to reverse cataract formation? Cataracts cause your eye's natural lens to become cloudy, causing problems with vision. Your eye doctor can prescribe strong eyeglasses or contact lenses to help, but the only known cure for cataracts is surgery.

How Do I Know If I Have an Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a condition where light does not refract evenly due to errors in the shape of the cornea. It can also happen when there is an irregular curve in your natural lens. It distorts the appearance of objects and makes things look blurry. The doctor diagnoses the condition through a comprehensive eye exam.

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