Children's Eye Care

Improve a Child’s Ability to Learn with Comprehensive Eye Exams

Did you know that nearly 80% of what a child perceives, comprehends, and remembers depends on the efficiency of the visual system? Because a child’s vision is so important to their learning and development, preventative eye examinations should occur at the following intervals for infants, toddlers and children.


    • 9 mos – 1st eye examination
    • 3 years – 2nd eye examination
    • 5-18 – Every 1-2 years as determined by your optometrist

The Eye Care Centers participate in the Infant See program. This program provides you with a complimentary screening exam for your infant. The preferred age this should occur is at 9 months.

With ongoing, comprehensive eye examinations, children are less likely to be limited by their vision in order to reach their potential in school. Screenings that are provided in school are beneficial; however, they are very limited in what the screening actually assesses and can result in undiagnosed problems.

A comprehensive eye examination by your Eye Care Center optometrist will entail not only an assessment of the refractive error (prescription) and ocular health, but also a thorough analysis of the binocular vision system, that is how the eyes truly team together to focus and align. If there is any deficiency in binocularity, it can have a significant impact on how well a child can perform in school.

Symptoms that may indicate a child needs a prescription or there may be a binocular vision disorder include:

    • Skipping lines while reading
    • Reversing letters or numbers
    • Poor reading comprehension
    • Headaches following near work
    • Double vision
    • Distance blur
    • Following near work
    • Having an eye that turns in or out
    • Unusual eye rubbing
    • Trouble concentrating

Depending on the results of the binocularity assessment, your child may be a candidate for a home based computerized vision therapy program. Utilization of this program could result in the significant reduction or elimination of your child’s symptoms within just a few months.

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