Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses that Fit Your Eyes and Your Lifestyle

Whether you are considering wearing contact lenses for the first time, or if you are looking to improve the performance of your current lenses, we specialize in maximizing your comfort and vision.

Contact lenses are an ideal complement to eyeglasses, and the Eye Care Center has nearly every contact lens design and material available, including lenses that can be disposed of yearly, monthly, weekly and daily. The majority of these lenses are stocked in the Eye Care Center's large in-house contact lens inventory and can be dispensed the same day they are ordered.

We fit contact lenses for every type of person and lifestyle. We prescribe contacts for patients with astigmatism, bifocals, and dry eyes. We take great measures to ensure safe contact lens use through regular patient education, training and preventative care. At the Eye Care Center, all contact lens fitting and follow-up care is provided by our doctors rather than by technicians. Plus, our prices are so competitive you can continue to purchase your contact lenses through the Eye Care Center, so you get the value and service you expect by the doctors you trust.

Our contact lens professional fee starts at just $59. During this process, we correctly measure the eye to ensure you'll love the fit of your contact lenses! Your evaluation includes contact lens trials and follow-ups for up to 60 days.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the best lens for me?

A: The doctor will determine which lens design is best for you. This decision is based on many factors including: your prescription, the curvature of your eye, how dry your eyes are, your visual demands at work and play, and your lifestyle.

Q: Will I be able to see as well as I do with my glasses?

A: Yes, and in some cases, you may see better with contacts than glasses. Our patients enjoy increased peripheral vision and crisper vision. Patients often tell us that they see more accurately with contact lenses because the lenses act as if they are part of your natural eyes.

Q: If I couldn't wear contacts before, can I wear them now?

A: Very few patients are unable to wear contact lenses because there are so many different types of lenses. Technology has continually improved the quality of lenses, so patients with astigmatism and bifocals can now wear contacts. Additionally, solutions play a critical role in contact lens comfort. We will review the appropriate solution that you should use to ensure maximum comfort.

Q: At what age can my child start wearing contacts?

A: A child can begin wearing contact lenses at any age; however, a child is ready to wear lenses when the parents decide that their child is responsible enough to personally care for the lenses. For the majority of children we recommend a daily disposable lens as this is the healthiest option available for your child.

Q: If I have astigmatism, will I be able to see well with contacts?

A: Yes, and some patients even see better with contacts than their glasses. Gas permeable contact lenses can even decrease your astigmatism by "smoothing" out the cornea, or front surface of your eye. Hybrid designs (soft lens periphery and gas permeable hard center) deliver the comfort of a soft lens and the quality vision of a gas permeable lens.

Q: If I wear bifocal or progressive glasses, will I be able to read through my contacts?

A: There are several options available now:

  • Soft mutifocal or monovision
  • Hybrid multifocal (soft lens periphery and gas permeable hard center)
  • Gas permeable bifocal or multifocal.

Return Policy:

If you are fit with disposable or planned replacement contact lenses and the lenses are in unopened boxes that can be resold to another patient, a full cash refund equal to the original cost of the lens materials will be refunded (within 60 days of purchase) If your lenses cannot be resold, you can receive a cash refund equal to 50% of the original cost of the lens materials or you can be issued an Eye Care Center credit equal to 100% of the original cost of the materials (within 60 days of purchase). Contact lens professional fees (charge for expertise and time spent by doctor or assistants during fitting process) are not refundable.

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