Who Makes STATE Optical Co. Frames?

Created on: Friday, March 10, 2017

We don’t often think about who is actually making our eyewear. Our featured brand, STATE Optical Co. wants to change that. There are 50 men and women in their Chicago factory responsible for making some of the finest eyewear available. We think that’s something to celebrate, so each Wednesday we’ll be introducing you to one of them.

Sheli Ptak, like every other STATE craftsman, didn’t know a thing about making eyewear before stepping into the STATE factory two years ago. How did she learn? STATE co-founder, Marc Franchi, had her and her new coworkers make 100 frames completely by hand. What better way? The rest of the six month training process is equally intense, every craftsman learns each of the 75 production steps before being assigned to the process they’re most talented at.

For Sheli, it’s hand polishing, and she now manages the polishing team. You’ll notice when you look at STATE frames that they have a unique luster. That doesn’t come from a machine. It comes from Sheli and her coworkers. Every frame undergoes three polishing steps to ensure that the materials and design truly stand out. Hours are dedicated to polishing not only because of STATE’s strict quality control standards, but because of the pride Sheli and her fellow craftsmen and women take in what they do.

This is Made in America, done right. Visit Eye Care Centers to appreciate the finished product for yourself!