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At the Eye Care Center, we believe vision is a precious gift, and as your eye care provider it is our responsibility to work with you to preserve and enhance this gift. Many people incorrectly judge the need for an eye exam by how well they are seeing or by the presence or absence of eye pain. Unfortunately many eye diseases have no symptoms until the disease has significantly progressed. This may result in the advancement of a silent eye disease that is difficult or impossible to treat effectively. By following a regimen of regular preventative eye examinations, you increase your chances of early detection and effective management of eye diseases such as amblyopia, retinal disease, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. It is easy to put off having a preventative eye exam, but it is imperative to maintaining your eye health and your vision for the future.

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At the Eye Care Center, we recommend the following frequency of preventative comprehensive eye examinations:


  • 9 mos – 1st eye examination
  • 3 years – 2nd eye examination
  • 5-60 – Every 1-2 years as determined by your optometrist
  • >60 – Yearly examinations

Our clinic takes a great deal of pride in offering superb quality care and we aspire to assist you in preserving and enhancing your vision throughout life.

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