Pediatric Eye Exams

While many people seek out a strong relationship with their primary care physician, as well as a good pediatrician for their kids, many are less likely to be as diligent when searching for optometrists in Maple Grove, Maplewood, and Fridley - eye care. Instead, they may just try to fit in an eye exam if they suspect there is a specific problem with their vision, or if their kids failed to pass a standard vision screening at school. But pediatric eye exams go a lot further than a basic vision check, and it is up to parents to find a pediatric eye doctor that can detect and treat problems that may be less obvious at first, but ultimately just as important to treat early. Optometrists at Eye Care Center can provide high quality optometry services to your child.

When to Start Pediatric Eye Exams

Contrary to what many may believe, a child's visit to a family eye doctor doesn't just begin when they start school. They should actually see a pediatric eye doctor when they are still infants and their eyes are in the development stage. At Eye Care Cen each of our three locations in Maplewood, Maple Grove and Fridley offer a comprehensive child eye exam for children at just six months of age. Assuming there are no vision issues, the next exam should come at age 3, with regular yearly exams beginning at age 5-6, as your child prepares to begin school.

How Infants are Tested

If you think of a standard vision test, it may be hard to imagine how a baby or young child can benefit from an eye exam, but there are several tactics our pediatric optometrists can use to determine how well your child is or isn't seeing the world around them, including evaluating their pupil responses to light, their ability to follow objects with their eyes or whether they prefer to look at cards with images rather than blank ones.

Preschool Vision Testing

Preschool age children are tested using LEA symbols that resemble common objects such as an apple and a house as well as circles and squares. Dot patterns are introduced to show your child's eye teaming skills. To determine possible eyeglass prescription needs, a retinoscopy is used to shine a light to the back of the eye.

Common Vision Concerns for Children

Children can develop vision issues at a young age, including refractive errors including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism with close to a third of kids requiring glasses by the time they start kindergarten. In addition, eye teaming issues, including crossed eyes or lazy eye are a problem for many and can make learning a challenge. Pediatric eye exams are designed to identify these issues early in order to give kids the best start as possible.

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Parents can help by making sure their kids get their regular eye exams as well as paying attention for signs that a vision issue may be present, such as complaints of headaches, eye rubbing, or squinting. To learn more, or to schedule an appointment for your child, contact Eye Care Center in one of our three locations, Maple Grove at 763-420-6981, Maplewood at 651-777-3555, or Fridley at 763-574-0075.

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