5 Signs You May Have Cataracts

How can you tell if you have cataracts? This is an eye condition that affects more than 20 million Americans. The condition progresses slowly over time, making it more and more difficult to see. If you are experiencing blurriness and wondering whether you could have cataracts, see your eye doctor right away. The important thing is to get an early diagnosis, so you can hopefully prevent the cataract from affecting your vision.


What Precisely Are Cataracts?


Cataracts happen when proteins collect on your eye lens. The lens may turn cloudy and stop light from reaching your retina. When the light fails to reach your retina, the retina cannot send images to your brain for processing.

Cataracts are very common as you grow older. Aside from that, you are at risk of getting cataracts if you:


  • Smoke
  • Spend too much time in the sun without protective eyewear
  • Have high blood sugar
  • Are exposed to radiation
  • Have diabetes
  • Use steroid medicines

Signs That You May Have Cataracts

Apart from finding yourself always needing stronger contacts or glasses, here are five other signs that you may have cataracts.

Cloudy, Blurry, or Dim Vision

If things are looking a little blurry, it could be a sign that you have cataracts. You may feel like you are seeing through a dirty window as cataracts begin affecting certain parts of your eye lens. This can be quite subtle and slow, and that is why you may not notice if you have cataracts at first.


Poor Night Vision


Is it becoming harder for you to see at night? As cataracts develop, they begin to dim your vision with a brown or yellow trace. This starts affecting your night vision and causes you to have trouble driving or reading the highway signs at night. Also, the glare of lights from approaching vehicles may throw you off.

Sensitivity to Glare and Light

You may have cataracts if light troubles you more than it used to. That is if the glare of glowing lights feels painful. As well, if you are seeing halos or rings around every light source, you could be developing cataracts.


Double Vision

Cataracts are a common cause of double vision. Thus, if double images appear when looking out of one eye, it could be a cataract issue. This is different from the double vision that results from misaligned eyes, which gives you double vision when seeing through both eyes together.

Seeing the World in Yellow

Colors may seem to be fading when you have cataracts. If the world looked colorful and vibrant before but now seems dull and brownish or yellowish, a cataract may be interfering with your vision. It almost looks like you are wearing sunglasses that block out blue and purplish-blue light and cannot tell colors apart.

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