5 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam

5 Signs You Might Need an Eye Exam

Getting regular eye exams will help ensure that your eyes remain healthy. How frequently you will need the exams will depend on your age and general eye health. If you have certain medical conditions, you will need frequent eye exams. 

If you cannot remember the last time you had an eye exam, it is time to schedule one. It is vital to protect your eyes as you only have one pair. Some situations call for an immediate visit to an eye doctor. Following are signs that you might need an eye exam. 


Sudden Blurry Vision

If you have difficulty focusing or you experience sudden blurry vision, you need an eye exam as soon as possible. The issue can be very serious, especially when it affects one eye. You need to visit an ophthalmologist to test your vision. 

A prescription can detect the cause of blurriness, whether through vision change or presbyopia. It can also be a symptom of serious eye disease. An eye exam will help determine the cause of the blurriness. 


Eye Pain or Headaches

Infrequent headaches, eye pain, or eyestrain may not be cause for major concern. But if the discomfort is intense or recurring, you need to visit an eye doctor. These can be symptoms of a change in vision or an eye infection. 

Having your eyes examined can help rule out eye complications. Finding out the underlying cause of the discomfort will help with treatment. 


Sudden Vision Disturbances

If you experience eye floaters, flashes of light, or obstructions, you need to get an eye exam. Vision disturbances warrant an emergency visit to the eye doctor. Sudden onset of the problems can signify a serious problem such as retinal detachment, a retinal hole, or a retinal tear. The sooner you visit an eye specialist, the more you reduce the risk of experiencing vision loss.


Sudden Light Sensitivity

If your eyes suddenly become increasingly sensitive to light, you need to visit an eye specialist. You will need to get an eye exam as the sudden sensitivity can be the result of eye irritation or inflammation. The sensitivity can be a sign of eye disease. Even as you schedule the exam, protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses. 


Dry, Itchy, Red Eyes

If your eyes are dry, itchy, and red, you could have dry eye syndrome. This is an eye condition that can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, early detection will help ensure you get effective treatment. The symptoms could also be a sign that you have an eye allergy. 

An eye specialist will help determine the cause of the problem. Avoid rubbing the eyes as this could cause infection.

Regular eye exams will help ensure that your eyes remain healthy. Doctors can treat or control most eye diseases if they detect them early. Ignoring an issue that seems simple can have serious repercussions on your vision or long-term eye health. If you notice any of the signs above, you need to schedule an eye exam as soon as possible. 

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