Best Frames for your Face Shape


If you have a refractive eye error, you will almost certainly need prescription eyewear to help you see more clearly. Glasses still remain the most popular solution for many patients, but if you haven’t worn them before, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed trying to decide which glasses to get. Since they are worn on the face, they are visible and have an impact on your overall appearance.


Choosing the right style of frames for your lenses is extremely important, especially if you will be wearing your glasses a great deal during the day. Selecting the wrong frame can affect your face in a negative way, whilst the right choice can enhance your features and add to your natural attractiveness.


To help you get started with on the journey to wearing glasses, here are top tips for choosing frames to suit your face shape.  


Oval face

Oval faces have the most balanced proportions, so if your face fits the following characteristics, you will almost certainly find that virtually all styles of frames will suit you – lucky you! People with an oval face have:

-          A forehead and jawline that are approximately the same width

-          A rounded chin with no hard lines

-          A slight roundness to the curve of your jaw


While most styles will look good on you, many people with an oval face choose frames that are a little wider than the widest part of their face as this tends to offer the greatest enhancement.


Heart-shaped face

Unsurprisingly, heart-shaped faces are widest across the forehead. From this point, they gently narrow down towards the chin in a heart-shape. Your cheekbones will sit quite high and be very defined. You may also hear your face shape is referred to as an ‘inverted triangle’. 


Since your face is widest across your forehead, you may want to offset this feature by choosing frames that are a little wider than your forehead, or that have an exaggerated brow-line. Cat-eye frames are extremely popular amongst women with a heart-shaped face and high cheekbones.


Round face

Do your forehead, cheekbones and jaw all seem fairly equal in width? These are classic characteristics of a round face shape. Round faces lack angular features and instead are soft and fairly undefined. Most people who have a round face seek to make their face look longer, leaner and stronger which they can do using the right glasses frames.


One of the biggest misconceptions people have is that rounded frames will make your face look rounder. This isn’t true at all. Angular frames can actually draw attention to the roundness of your face. Instead, choose slightly curved frames that complement your softer features.


Square face

Square faces have strong, angular jawlines, a broad, deep forehead, and a square defined chin. This dominant and chiseled appearance is particularly desirable in men, although some women also like a strong, defined facial structure. When choosing frames for glasses, most people with square faces find that narrow, angular styles suit them best since they offset some of their strong features and create a little more length in their faces.


Long face

Unsurprisingly, long face shapes are longer than they are wide. They are sometimes referred to as rectangular, although they are not necessarily angular and defined around the jaw. If you have a deep forehead, a long, thin nose, and a fairly strong jawline, you almost certainly have a long face.


Frame styles that are narrow and rectangular will make your face appear longer. Therefore, to make the most of your features and shorten your face shape, opt for wider styles with angular or square frames instead.  




If you are still unsure about which frames will suit you best, our knowledgeable and experienced optical staff would be happy to help. We understand how glass frames can impact on your appearance and will work with you to determine which will enhance your features and give you confidence in your new look.


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