Is Designer Eyewear Worth the Money?

When did you last visit your favorite store's eyewear section? Are you wondering if the designer frames before you are truly worth the additional cost? If so, you are not alone. Choosing between spending much on high-end glasses and sticking with cheaper options can be challenging, with so many choices available.

There are numerous choices when it comes to purchasing eyewear. Knowing where to invest your money can be tricky, from generic frames at the drugstore to high-end designer brands. The following factors will help you decide whether designer eyewear is worth the money.


Quality Materials


The quality of the materials used in designer eyewear pieces is one of their main advantages. Designer brands often use high-quality materials like acetate, titanium, and even 24-karat gold. Compared to less expensive substitutes, these materials are more long-lasting and resilient. 

As such, investing in high-end eyewear can eventually pay off. High-quality materials can also produce a more flattering fit and a more elegant, opulent appearance.


Expert Craftsmanship


The level of craftsmanship put into each pair of designer eyeglasses is another advantage. Designer brands employ highly skilled artisans to create each frame by hand. By paying close attention to every little detail, frames may fit more comfortably and offer superior aesthetic appeal.


Trendy Styles


Designer eyewear brands are often at the forefront of fashion and style trends. Investing in a pair can be a way to stay on-trend and look fashionable. This is true whether you wear your glasses for vision correction or as a fashion statement. Many designer labels provide various designs, from traditional and timeless to daring and contemporary.


Personalized Fit


Designer eyewear brands often offer more customization options than generic frames. You enjoy various options for different nose pads, temple lengths, and lens shapes. A customized fit can be crucial for individuals with specific vision needs. 

It can also benefit those who wear their glasses all day, every day. By investing in designer frames, you ensure a personalized fit tailored to your unique needs.


Brand Reputation


Most designer eyewear companies have a reputation for excellence and luxury. Investing in a pair of designer frames can be a status symbol and a mark of quality. Designer labels are famous for their high-end items. By purchasing their eyeglasses, you ally yourself with the principles and reputation of the company.


The Eye Care Center Designer Eyewear Collection


At the Eye Care Center, we offer a wide selection of designer eyewear from top brands. These include Ray-Ban, Kate Spade, COLE HAAN, Dior, Silhouette, Seraphin, Prodesign-Denmark, and Lafont. 

Various styles and materials are available in our inventory to suit every price range and preference. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the ideal frames to meet your specific requirements.




Purchasing designer eyewear can be a wise financial decision for several reasons. These include premium materials, skilled workmanship, fashionable styles, tailored fits, and brand recognition. Do you desire a new pair of glasses? Consider spending money on a set of durable, high-end designer frames.

For more on designer eyewear, visit Eye Care Center at our Maplewood, Fridley, or Maple Grove, Minnesota offices. Call (651) 777-3555, (763) 308-8440, or (763) 420-6981 to schedule an appointment today.

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