Signs and Symptoms of Digital Eye Strain

Data from the American Statistics Association shows that electronic sales have jumped up significantly this year. The need to keep safe and work or study from home continues to increase the number of electronics users. Because of this, cases of digital eye strain have also increased. Experiencing this condition seems currently inescapable. If you think you are suffering from the signs and symptoms of digital eye strain, here’s what you need to know.

Blurry Vision

Sitting in front of the computer or using electronic gadgets for up to 16 hours a day is not natural to humans. Staring at a monitor places excessive strain on your eyes. Having blurry vision hinders you to see anything in fine detail.

Dry and Red Eyes

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes do not have enough quality tears for lubrication. This happens when you stare at your computer monitor for an extended period. Your eyes tend to open wider to process everything that you see. This is when tears evaporate more quickly, leaving your eyes dry and uncomfortable. Dry eyes are prone to irritation and redness. The tiny blood vessels in your eyes, between the conjunctiva and the sclera, dilate. The dilation increases the flow of blood that attempts to fight off irritation or infection.

Eye redness also happens because of sleep deprivation. Because you are exposed to excessive amounts of blue light, you cannot sleep immediately after work. Clinical studies show that blue light blocks melatonin, leaving you awake for hours more after you stop using your electronic gadgets.


According to the American Headache Society Committee for Headache Education (ACHE), the extended use of electronic gadgets can trigger headaches. The throbbing headache may be triggered by the light that comes from your monitor. To prevent headaches from eye strain, have more time away from your gadgets or computer. Meditate and relax to regain proper circulation as well. It is also best to have your eyes checked for proper prescription eyeglasses. These special eyeglasses will align your eyes properly while you look at your computer monitor.

Neck Pain

Working on your computer for long hours can cause cervicogenic headaches. The pain can occur because of aggravated structural problems in your cervical vertebrae. Parts of the cervical spine called C2 and C3 are usually affected. When you need to work on your computer all day, you strain your neck as you do your tasks. The pain contributes to the pain you get from your digital eye strain.

Using your computer or other digital devices while enduring digital eye strain can make your daily routine painful and unbearable. Digital eye strain can be debilitating and can affect your output. Here at Eye Care Center, we only seek to help improve the signs and symptoms of your eye strain. Our eye experts will seek its root cause to alleviate your pain and discomfort. You can visit our clinics in Fridley, Maplewood, and Maple Grove, Minnesota, for a walk-in consultation. Please call us at 763-308-8440 (Fridley), 651-777-3555 (Maplewood), or 763-420-6981 (Maple Grove). That way, we can help you schedule an appointment or answer your questions about digital eye strain.

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