The Importance of Sports Eye Safety

Regardless of whether an individual plays sports professionally or for fun, sporting activities offer tremendous benefits. Some of these benefits include building strength, improving physical fitness, practicing teamwork, and boosting confidence. However, one of the disadvantages of sports is the possibility of injury. As a result, players go to great lengths to protect different parts of their bodies, using helmets, pads, mouthguards, and other protective gear. 

The eyes are very sensitive organs of the body that require protection, regardless of the sport. Yet, unless a sport requires participants to protect their eyes, people hardly ever think of protecting them. 

Why Is It Important to Protect Your Eyes? 


Most sports require participants to see what they are doing, and people with good eyesight have a considerable advantage over those with poor vision. Therefore, your ability to participate in the sport you love can be heavily dependent on the condition of your eyes. 

According to professionals, 90 percent of people who have suffered eye injuries when participating in a sport could have prevented the injury simply by wearing protective eyewear. Eye injuries, which often occur while playing sports, are also the leading cause of blindness in children. 


How to Prevent Injuries to the Eyes


In most cases, following the rules of the game, especially concerning safety, will play a significant role in protecting the eyes. Here are additional tips to follow:

  • If you need to wear protective eye equipment, whether at practice or during the game, you must. 

  • You should check for any potential source of danger before you play and eliminate it before it is too late. 

  • Where applicable, play with the right equipment that is in good condition. Broken equipment can injure your eyes.

  • Make sure there is a supervisor around with access to a first aid kit. This will help prevent excess damage in the event of an injury. 


The Most Common Eye Injuries in Sports


Most sports require physical contact or the use of a ball. Therefore, the chances are high that someone will hit you in the eye with a ball or hand. This type of injury is called blunt trauma. When an object cuts or pierces the eye, an individual suffers from penetrating wounds, including deep and shallow cuts. Sports that take place outside can lead to radiation injuries to the eye. These occur when it is too bright out, and an individual is not wearing eye protection.  


The Best Eye Protection for Sports


Although you need to protect your eyes while playing all sports, some high-risk sports include baseball, hockey, archery, lacrosse, skiing, soccer, and swimming. Many of these sports require people to wear goggles or facemasks. If you need further clarification on the type of eyewear protection required for a specific sport, visit your eye doctor for advice. 

In the event of an eye injury, use a soft wet cloth to apply gentle pressure. This will relieve some of the pain and swelling. If you experience a lot of pain in the eye or its surrounding tissue, seek professional help to prevent further internal injury, vision deficit, or facial fracture. 

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