Top Common Eye Injuries and When to Seek an Eye Doctor

Eye injuries generally happen all the time. In fact, 55 million eye injuries occur all over the world each year. This figure is just for problems that restrict patient’s activity for not less than 24 hours. Since not all eye injuries are that severe, the real number is possibly far higher.


Three Common Types of Eye Injuries

Your eyes let you see the world and are a crucial part of how you communicate. Read along to find out what the most common eye injuries are and how you can tell if it’s time to visit your eye doctor.


· Blow to the Eye. A strike to your eye with a fist or hard object can damage your eye. If your injury is mild, you may suffer from a black eye or swollen eyelid. Do not apply pressure. Instead, gently place a small cold compress on your injured eye. This is to lessen pain and inflammation. Never use food items, such as steak, to get relief as these can get bacteria inside your eye. If the hit is hard enough, the bones surrounding your eye could break. When muscles get trapped inside your broken socket, surgery may be required.


· Chemical Burns. It is not uncommon to get soap or makeup in your eye. This occurrence could burn your eye a little bit, but gently splashing your eye with clean water should give you relief. Nevertheless, some chemicals can cause severe damage to your eyes. Among the most harmful compounds are alkalis, such as fertilizers and oven cleaners. Acids can also be dangerous, such as bleach. Vapors from these products can result in eye irritation. The amount of possible injury largely depends on the chemical. Other factors include how deep inside the substance went and how long it has been in your eye. Urgent medical attention is necessary if chemicals got into your eye, and there is still pain even after flushing your eye with water.


· Foreign Object in the Eye. A lot of tiny things can accidentally get into your eye. Whether they are grains of sand or wood chips, these foreign objects can feel very uncomfortable. Sharper objects, such as metal shavings and glass slivers, can cut or scratch your cornea. These objects in your eye can cause excess tears, pain, redness, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. While a small scratch usually heals on its own, deep cuts can be severe and result in a long-term vision problem. If your eye is cut or punctured, place a protective cover over the injured eye until you get emergency medical help. Do not press the shield against your affected eye or rinse it with water. Never attempt to remove the sharp object stuck in your eye.


When to Seek an Eye Doctor

It is possible to manage mild cases of eye injuries at home. However, specific eye problems require a trip to an eye specialist. It is best to contact your eye doctor as soon as possible if you experience any of the following symptoms:


· Severe eye pain, which can be due to inflammation, infection, or corneal abrasion.

· Sudden vision problems, such as vision loss, double vision, tunnel vision, blurred vision, or blind spots.

· Itching, burning eyes.

· Flashes of light in one area or a more extensive place across your vision field.

· Floaters or wispy specks in your vision field.

· Sensitivity to light.


More often than not, it’s easier to wish away your eye symptoms. Our eyes are not only vulnerable to injuries but also to infection and a host of diseases. That’s why regular visits to your eye doctor are paramount.


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