Why Back-to-School Eye Exams Are Important

The back-to-school routine includes buying pens, notebooks, and other school supplies. But one crucial activity that is often left out is a visit to the eye doctor for a checkup. Without this, undiagnosed vision can impact your child’s learning. Identifying and addressing vision problems early on prevents your child from losing their sight or have eye conditions. Also, back-to-school eye exams reduce the chances of your child having heart problems or high blood pressure. Here’s why back-to-school eye exams are essential.

Children Don’t Easily Recognize Vision Problems

Many eye conditions may not show any signs in the early phases. That is why children may not recognize their vision problems in the first place. But if you notice that your child is not able to track an object as it moves across their depth of field or there is redness in the eyes, it may be essential to see your eye specialist. Your eye specialist has the necessary skills to have your child’s eyes checked and identify any slight irregularities. Besides, it will only take a short time to check the structure of the eyes and functions with the technology today.

Easier Learning

Once school starts, you want your child to be at their best to have an easier time learning. That is crucial in all aspects of life, whether it is emotionally, psychologically, or physically. But for children with trouble seeing, school may be something to dread. School activities such as reading the blackboard and using a computer may be a challenge for them. As a result, this affects their performance in school. Back-to-school eye exams reduce any chances of this happening to your children. That way, they are equipped as best as they can for school.

Detection of Other Eye Conditions

Some eye conditions, such as nearsightedness, are easily detected while others, such as lazy eyes, are not. Your specialist may detect other eye issues such as misaligned eyes or lazy eye through a comprehensive eye exam. That makes it easier for them to work on a solution when the condition is in its early stages. Some eye conditions permanently affect vision if not corrected in their early stages.

The Digital Age

Today, computers and smartphones are incorporated into the curriculum. That means your child is exposed to blue light. That increases their chances of developing vision problems. An eye exam is needed to check whether there are damages and their extent. After this, your specialist will prescribe computer eyeglasses to prevent these problems from happening or developing even more.

Identifying Issues at Their Early Stages

Identifying vision irregularities at their early stages give specialists a better chance of keeping your child’s eyes in great shape. Some of the signs that indicate eye problems in your child include sitting close to the TV, constantly rubbing their eyes, and chronic redness.


With this in mind, it is essential to schedule an eye exam for your child before school opens. Choose a time when your child is alert and happy. That will help your child start school on the right foot. Activities such as reading from the board and using computers will be easy for them. Also, they will remain focused during their time in school.

If you have any questions about back-to-school eye exams, visit us at our Eye Care Center offices in Fridley, Maplewood, or Maple Grove, Minnesota. You can reach out to us today at (763)-308-8440, (651) 777-3555, or (763) 420-6981, respectively, and book an appointment.

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